Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Pieces From Big Pieces

Phil sent these photos yesterday, which is when he got the package off. As you can see in the photos, Phil is a man all about music. Tools? Yeah, he can probably handle those as well, but he's having a little fun with us. Catch Phil on BBC Lancashire on Fridays.  

(click any photo to enlarge)

I notice his tape measure (do the call it that in England?) is in centimeters only. Mine is in inches only. However most of the smaller rulers and things have both imperial and metric units. Is that the case in England too, or is it only here where we're too darn lobbied to make sensible decisions? 

Careful Phil, the mechanical dinosaur looks like it's winning! 

Not a bad sized parcel. If I understand Phil's e-mails, he's done two rounds of cutting 30 meters each time following the schedule I gave him. So there is 60 meters of pipe in that box. 

Cutting Schedule
Pipe   Cut
 1     8x375
 2     8x375
 3     8x375
 4     8x375
 5     8x375
 6     8x375
 7     10x300
 8     10x300
 9     10x250,  1x375
10     3x375,   5x300, 1x250

I planned it out so we could get the most whistles out the ten three meter pipes, going for a balanced mix of D whistles and C and Eb bodies. We are not going for any Walkabout models in this iteration. the are similar, but require an additional cm or two to cut the joint between hands. 

A man after my own heart. Riding his bike to send off the pipe sections. I also deliver most of my shipments to the local post office via my bicycle as well. Maybe I'll get a photo of that sometime too. 

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