Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Contest Clips

Below is a link to the on-line box containing entries in the Happy Birthday Whistle Contest. Enjoy! And if you have not sent me your redition, what are you waiting for! (Rules below)

You can click on the first entry and select "play" when the form appears. Let it play when finished the next clip will start automatically.

Entries, in order I recieved them, have been submitted by:

1) Bothrops moojeni (Susato high F)
2) FluteRookie (Hammy Practice Flute)
3) BelgianWaffle (Alba Q1 Hi D)
4) GrampaB (Generation D)
5) GrampaB (Parks Every D)
6) Matahari (Acorn Brass D)

The whole collection is at

Contest rules:

1) Send me a file of yourself playing Happy Birthday.
2) I'll post it and everyone can listen to them all.
3) Entries must be recieved before midnight on May 31, 2008 GMT-4 (US Eastern Daylight Time)
4) I'll either delcare the winner if it's obvious, or post the contenders if I can't decide and we'll vote on them.
5) Winner can choose a Parks Whistles hat or Parks Whistles Gig bag.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Check out the Walkabout Every Whistle

Just a quick shot of the first prototype Walkabout Every whistle....

They should be available to ship in about a week. You can order them now by sending me an e-mail. I will put them on the web site store as soon as I can. They cost $60 and are only available in D equal temperment for the moment. Please excuse the poor logo marking on this prototype, I use the engraver's errors for R&D.

Monday, May 5, 2008

New Model in the Workshop

Everyone thank Paul (see e-mail below) for prodding me to work on a three-piece Every whistle. I'm going to start work on it right away. I'll keep you posted regarding progress in the shop as I go.



Hi Carey

Greetings from the highlands and islands, well Glasgow actually, or as
near as damn it anyway, I 'm still enjoying my whistles,in fact since
receiving them they're getting about as much use as my flute, and with
the exception of my Hoover whitecaps, to the exclusion of the rest of my

In fact I think it probably unlikely that I will add to my collection
again as your every whistle fills just about every need I have in the
whistle line; with one exception, I desperatley need, well OK prehaps
not actually need but I'm sure you understand better than most, a pocket
type whistle and was wondering if you intend, or could be persuaded to
manufacture a 2 part D tube. ... Anyway, thank you for the wonderful whistles and keep up the excellent work.