Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Month

Here it is St Patrick's Month. I wish I were five people given the number of calls the band is getting for gigs. Too bad we can't take them all, or rather too bad they all want to be on the same day. I'll post some photos of the gigs after I have some. Looks to be fun though.

The surgery went well. That was my first un-natural opening in my epidermis, and it was kinda fun being the center of all that attention at the hospital. Then three hours after the doc closed me up they told my wife to go get the car and take him home. Which was good too, being home that is. But getting home, my poor wife couldn't drive carefully enough to suit me. Every wiggle of the car put a strain on my new incision. Owch! 

Sitting around was pretty boring, but I read a lot and did get the new web site done. Do you like it? 

I'm in the final stages of developing some alto whistles. They will be G, A and Bb. Stay tuned for more on the alto whistles. 

That's it for now, I have to get back to finishing up some orders for dealers in England and Canada. 



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