Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gail's Paddle Jam

I wanted to share a glimpse of life here in southwest Florida. As most of the country is raking the last of the fall leaves and putting away the porch furniture for the winter, the weather here is just turning nice. Well, it's pretty much always nice, but in the summer the mid-day heat and the evening bugs can cause all but the most determined to chose an indoor activity. 

Gail, one of our session mates, lives along the banks of the Orange River with her husband in a home that is on the register of historic places. She invited the local kayakers and players over for a hot dog roast. The paddlers could paddle in the afternoon or after dark as it was a nearly full moon. The players were welcome anytime. Here's a few shots of the event. Great fun, as it always is at Gail's place. 

Parked by the barn, unloading the kayaks. 

One of two launch choices. There's a concrete ramp on the right there. 

The cove has a dock just to the right of Pat and Julie here. The other launch option. 

Some of the players started up while we were out paddling. 

Time for dinner before more tunes!

Doesn't it even look like we're playing Si Beag Si Mor? Great to flute with the autoharp.

And they're off into the tunes...


  1. Hello,Is there still a seesion at Dalys Boathouse Grill in Fort Myers.Are there other irish tune sessions in SW FLORIDA.. The phone number is not valid at Dalys Grill

  2. Sorry for the huge delay, but no, Daly's is no longer in operation. Hopefully it will fire up again when things improve.